Private banking meets crypto 

A bespoke crypto banking experience, with your goals and passions at the heart of everything we do

At Wirex Private, we understand the unique challenges faced by those who have achieved significant financial success. Beyond traditional wealth management, we offer an exclusive suite of services designed to safeguard your assets and unlock unparalleled opportunities for growth

Priority Support

We believe in delivering personalized support and assistance tailored to your unique needs. With a dedicated Relationship Manager and priority support from our client service team, we ensure that your inquiries are addressed promptly and professionally

Bespoke limits and loan rates

We understand that trust, security, and flexibility are key factors in your financial decisions. That is why we offer bespoke limits and lending terms that are tailored to your specific needs

Streamlined Market Access

Gain privileged access to execute trades efficiently and with discretion through our dedicated OTC service. Benefit from personalized support to navigate the complexities of the market

Exclusive Investments and Services

Our team of seasoned investment professionals curates access to a world of unique investment opportunities, extending beyond the standard offerings. This provides you with the potential to diversify and maximize your returns, alongside a suite of tailored services designed to support your financial journey

Exclusive Wirex Private card and perks

Coming soon

To qualify, meet one of these criteria:

Maintain a balance of $100,000

Hold an X-Accounts Plus balance of $50,000

Lock 10,000,000 WXT in X-Tras

Spend $20,000 monthly on your card (3-month average)

Achieve a $50,000 Multiply volume monthly (3-month average)

Wirex Private is more than just wealth management; it is a strategic partnership built on trust and a shared commitment to unlocking your financial legacy

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To be eligible for Wirex Private, customers must have at least $100,000 of their assets in Wirex. This minimum balance requirement ensures that our clients have access to our exclusive suite of personalised services, including bespoke limits and lending/borrowing terms, dedicated support, and the upcoming global Wirex Private Card. However, having the minimum balance alone does not automatically enroll users to Wirex Private, as it is an invitation-only offering. Our team carefully reviews each potential client's financial profile and evaluates their suitability for Wirex Private service. This thorough evaluation process ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and support from our team of experts, and that we are able to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique financial needs.