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Crypto earning made easy

X-Accounts – a super-simple and secure way to receive interest up to 20% Variable AER on selected currencies. It offers a secure and simple way to generate interest on account balances

Ready in 5

Setting up X-Accounts in the Wirex app is a breeze. Start earning in just five minutes

Unbelievable rates

X-Accounts earn up to 12% interest compounded daily – up to 100x more than the usual rate

Instant access

Withdraw instantly, any time, with no fees whatsoever. Your money, your rules

How it works

Add funds

Top up your Wirex account by crypto transfer, or by using a linked credit or debit card in areas where this is enabled

Create an X-Account in minutes

Select the ‘X-Account’ tab on your app dashboard and follow the instructions. You can customise the name of individual X-Accounts, making it even easier to keep track of your earnings

Start earning industry-best interest

Earnings are calculated daily and paid weekly, with no fees or charges for withdrawing at any time. Plus, X-Accounts earn compound interest, which means you earn interest on your interest

Secured by Fireblocks

Principal member of Visa

Principal member of Mastercard

Complies with the PCI/DSS Level 1 requirements

Earn more with X-Accounts


What is X-Accounts?

X-Accounts is a revolutionary feature designed to maximize your earnings through interest on both cryptocurrency and traditional currency holdings. This innovative tool, available in specific countries, provides a secure and user-friendly method for accruing interest on your account balances.

X-Accounts functions as an advanced DeFi-powered savings solution, generating interest on the funds it holds. The interest rate is dynamic, influenced by factors such as subscription plan, tier, currency, and account balance. To embark on this financial journey, effortlessly open an X-Account by navigating to the "Earn" tab within the “Grow” section and follow the intuitive on-screen instructions. Elevate your financial strategy with X-Accounts today.

How to open an X-Account?

Easily earn interest on your cryptocurrency and traditional currency holdings by following these simple steps to open an X-Account on the Wirex app:


1. Ensure Account Funds:

Verify that you have an active account with funds in one of Wirex’s supported currencies.

2. Navigate to the Grow Tab:

Access the "Grow" tab within the Wirex app.

3. Select "Earn":

Under the "Grow" tab, choose the "Earn" option.

4. Create New X-Account:

Tap "Create New X-Account" to initiate the process. You can open up to ten X-Accounts, naming them based on your savings goals. Accept the X-Account terms for your first account.

5. Choose Currency:

Select the currency for your X-Account from various options, including crypto, stablecoin, and traditional currencies.

6. Select X-Account Type:

Opt for X-Account Plus for higher interest rates with a 30-day lock-up period or choose X-Account Flexible for more flexibility in withdrawals.

7. Choose Interest Payout:

Indicate how you prefer to receive interest, either in kind or in Wirex Token (WXT). Provide a name for easy identification.

8. Add Funds:

Transfer funds from your relevant accounts to your X-Account to start earning interest.

Your X-Account is now open, ready to earn high-yield interest. Note that the minimum required amount is 1 USD or equivalent, with a maximum limit of 250,000 USD. Start maximizing your earnings effortlessly!

How X-Account interest works?

X-Accounts offer variable interest rates based on the currency held in the account. The interest is calculated on the account's currency balance and the applicable rate, with weekly payouts directly credited to the user's account.

Wirex achieves competitive interest rates by converting X-Account funds into DAI or another stablecoin, placing them in a DeFi protocol. This streamlined process eliminates traditional DeFi complexities and fees, providing users with a straightforward balance that can grow or be withdrawn at any time. By incorporating this DeFi protocol, Wirex passes on high returns to users in the form of interest.

It's important to be aware that X-Accounts' interest rates may change without notice, influenced by market conditions. Regularly monitor the offered rates and adjust your investment strategy accordingly for optimal financial management.

How to add funds to X-Accounts?

Easily fund your X-Accounts through the Wirex app by following these simple steps:


1. Log in to Wirex:

Open the Wirex app or visit the website to log in to your Wirex account.

2. Navigate to 'Grow':

Once logged in, go to the 'Grow' tab within the Wirex app.

3. Select X-Account:

Under 'Grow,' choose the specific X-Account you wish to fund. If you haven't created one, refer to our guide on opening an X-Account on the Wirex app.

4. Click 'Add Funds':

Choose the currency and click 'Add Funds.' Note that you can only fund your X-Account from the corresponding currency account.

5. Enter Amount:

Input the amount you want to add to your X-Account.

6. Confirm Transaction:

Double-check the entered details and click 'Confirm' to complete the transaction.

7. Wait for Funds:

After confirmation, the funds will appear in your X-Account within minutes, ready to start earning interest.

In conclusion, effortlessly add funds to your X-Account by following these steps, enabling you to promptly earn interest on your cryptocurrency and traditional currency holdings.

How to withdraw funds from X-Accounts?

Looking to withdraw funds from your X-Account on the Wirex app? Whether it's an X-Account Flexible or X-Account Plus, the process is straightforward. Here's a guide on withdrawing funds from each type:


Withdrawal from X-Account Flexible:

  1. Navigate to "Grow" on the dashboard and click "Earn."
  2. Choose the X-Account for withdrawal.
  3. Click "Withdraw."
  4. Enter the desired amount and click "Withdraw."
  5. Your savings will be transferred to your regular currency account. You can opt for a full or partial withdrawal, but note that withdrawing the entire balance forfeits unpaid interest.

Withdrawal from X-Account Plus:

  1. Click "Withdraw" on the X-Account Plus tab.
  2. Select "Request Withdrawal."
  3. A 30-day redemption period begins.
  4. The notification displays the redemption date.
  5. After the period, your X-Account becomes X-Account Flexible with continued, albeit reduced, interest rates.

Important: The fixed 30-day redemption period for X-Account Plus means funds are inaccessible until completion. Withdrawing from your X-Account on the Wirex app is a swift and uncomplicated process, allowing you to move funds to your regular currency account or request withdrawal from X-Account Plus.

X-Accounts interest: In-Kind vs In-WXT

As a Wirex user, you're likely familiar with X-Accounts, allowing you to earn interest on your holdings. But did you know you can opt to receive interest in WXT, Wirex's native token?

Interest in-Kind:

  • Receive interest in the same currency as your X-Account (e.g., BTC X-Account earns interest in BTC), added weekly to your X-Account balance.

Interest in WXT:

  • Receive interest in WXT, regardless of your X-Account currency; directly credited to your X-tras account.

Benefits of Interest in WXT:

  • Earn additional rewards with your WXT balance.
  • Premium and Elite users receive an annual Savings Bonus on WXT funds, enhancing balance growth.

Interest Handling:

  • Calculated and paid out daily, weekly.
  • Unlike in-kind interest, WXT interest is credited to your X-tras WXT account.

Maximize Benefits:

  • Leverage WXT for market price changes, X-Tras plan upgrades, or quick transfers to contacts.
  • Opting for WXT interest enhances Wirex rewards, allowing upgrades or tier advancements.

X-Account types: Plus vs. Flexible

X-Account Plus:

  • Fixed interest rates, varying with the chosen cryptocurrency.
  • Offers higher rates, appealing to those comfortable locking up funds.
  • Drawback: Limited flexibility, with potential delays in accessing funds.

X-Account Flexible:

  • Variable interest rates tied to market conditions.
  • Allows withdrawals at any time without penalties.
  • Ideal for users prioritizing flexibility over potentially higher interest rates.

Choosing the Right X-Account:

  • Decide based on investment goals and risk tolerance.
  • X-Account Plus suits those seeking higher rates with a willingness to lock up funds.
  • X-Account Flexible is optimal for those valuing flexibility and instant access to funds.

Important Considerations:

  • Cryptocurrency investments carry risks, and values can be volatile.
  • Thorough research is crucial before depositing funds into an X-Account.
  • Invest only what you can afford to lose, understanding the inherent risks in cryptocurrency investments.