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How does Wirex X-tras 2.0. work?

All Wirex customers are automatically on the Standard (free) price plan. 
Customers who subscribe to the Premium or Elite price plans get instant access to Savings Bonuses. All you need is a positive WXT balance to start accruing a Savings Bonus of 2% (Premium) or 6% (Elite) annually. 

The new X-tras Boosted Tiers feature lets you earn even higher levels of Cryptoback™ rewards and Savings Bonuses. All you need to do is lock a certain amount of WXT for 180 days in your X-tras account to unlock boosted perks. Depending on your price plan, you can now earn up to 16% Savings Bonus and up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards. 

You can read more about Boosted Tiers here
Getting a positive WXT balance is easy. Simply use your Wirex card for instant Cryptoback™ rewards, refer your friends to Wirex, or buy and exchange WXT in-app. 
The more WXT you accrue, the bigger your Savings Bonus. 

Why WXT?   

WXT is our native token, created to reward our loyal customers and help you get even more out of your Wirex account. Check out our flexible price plans and discover what locking WXT can do for you here

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