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What price plans are available?

Our Price Plans give anyone the opportunity to benefit from using Wirex, regardless of their financial worth. 

There are currently three flexible Price Plans available to verified Wirex customers: 

  • Standard plan - gives everybody the chance to benefit from game-changing features like the new multicurrency Wirex card, 2% Cryptoback™ in-store, unlimited free fiat-to-fiat exchanges and fee-free transfers. 

  • Premium plan - the same revolutionary features as Standard, plus a whopping 4% Cryptoback™ in-store and online, and free express delivery for your new multicurrency Wirex card. 

  • Elite plan - the ultimate Wirex experience, combining cutting-edge features with turbocharged rewards that are not available anywhere else. A gargantuan 8% Cryptoback™ in-store and online, free express delivery for the new multicurrency Wirex card, and exclusive merchant offers*. 

You may easily upgrade your Price Plan in the X-tras section of the Wirex app. 

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