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How can I earn more with X-tras 2.0.?

Please note: some features may only be available to residents of certain countries. 
You can check the full list of services supported by country via the following page:  
Supported Countries   

Our three flexible price plans now offer the chance to unlock even greater rewards, thanks to the new Boosted Tiers feature. X-tras Boosted Tiers can be activated by locking a certain amount of WXT in your X-tras account. 

Each price plan now has its own set of tiers, which offer a range of boosted perks. If you are a member of the Standard plan, you can choose either the Entry tier or the Enhanced tier, and if you are subscribed to the Premium or Elite plan, you can choose between the Entry, Enhanced or Ultimate tiers. Whatever your price plan, to upgrade to a Boosted Tier (Enhanced or Ultimate) from the Entry tier, you simply need to lock a minimum amount of WXT for 180 days. 
To earn even more rewards, you can:   

  • Upgrade to the Wirex Premium or Elite plan to earn up to 4% Cryptoback™ rewards in-store and online, up to 6% Savings Bonuses on your WXT balance* and exclusive merchant offers.  

  • Invite your friends to Wirex via the Refer-a-Friend programme to earn even more WXT rewards. 

  • Boost your perks by locking more WXT and upgrading to a Boosted Tier – you’ll unlock up to 16% Savings Bonus and up to 8% Cryptoback™ rewards. 

Find out more about Wirex price plans here.

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