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How do the new X-tras 2.0. tiers work?

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The X-tras programme has three price plans, which now consist of different tiers. These tiers allow you to boost your Cryptoback™ rewards, X-Accounts interest rate and annual Savings Bonus rate by locking a minimum amount of WXT in the Wirex app. 

Once you’ve locked the correct amount of WXT in your X-tras account in-app, your boosted perks will be ready to take advantage of straightaway. 

The exact amount of WXT you need to lock to receive boosted perks depends on your price plan: 

Standard Plan (Free) 

Premium Plan (9.99 USD in WXT/m or 102 USD/year) 

Elite Plan (29.99 USD in WXT/m or 306 USD/year) 









WXT Lock 

150,000 WXT 

250,000 WXT 

750,000 WXT 

1,500,000 WXT 

7,500,000 WXT 

Once you have locked your WXT, you will not be able to access it for 180 days. After the lock period has ended, the same amount of WXT will be returned to your X-tras account. 

The lock period will be followed by a grace period. This means that your WXT will no longer be locked and will be available to withdraw. If it is not withdrawn, you will still receive boosted perks, but for no longer than 7 days. Once the grace period has ended, your WXT will automatically be withdrawn to your X-tras account. 
You can find out more about the grace period on this page. 

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