Your Wirex Payment Card

The Wirex Card gives you flexibility, security, and spending power.

Whether you’re buying a Lamborghini or just a cup of coffee — our payment card makes it easy to spend your bitcoin like a pro.

Step 1

Open a free Wirex account and get verified.

Step 2

Choose your card options. Virtual cards issued instantly. Plastic cards are coming soon.

Step 3

Fund your card by depositing GBP or converting bitcoin.

Step 4

Spend as you please.

Your choice:


  • Ideal for daily use: secure payments online, in-stores, and cash withdrawal at the ATM (over 40M merchants in 210 countries)
  • Safer than carrying cash: advanced in-app security, chip and PIN
  • FREE delivery
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Virtual Account

  • The virtual card for the virtual account. Perfect for shopping online
  • Instantly issued and available FREE of charge
  • Available in multiple traditional currencies (dollars, euro, and GBP)
  • No ID needed to get started
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Card order price

Virtual card Plastic card
Free Coming soon Join the waitlist!

* Your first card order. Ordering Wirex cards and opening the currency accounts is free, however you will be charged a monthly fee for the account maintenance by the issuer.

Card Fees

Monthly service fee Charged for the active account of the specific currency $ 1,50/month € 1,20/month £ 1/month
Online purchases Goods or services purchased online with your Wirex card $ 0.28 Free Free
Declined transactions E.g., you tried to pay with insufficient funds $ 0.07 € 0.06 £ 0.05
Administration / Payment operations support Trace payment or recall payment* $ 28.00 € 23.00 £ 20.00
Currency exchange fee for the international transactions and payments not in card's currency FX at wholesale rate

* Administration / Payment operations support e.g., trace payment or recall payment – any external bank costs associated with the transaction will be charged additionally. In Foreign Exchange ePOS transactions, currencies are converted at a wholesale rate.

Card Limits

Max balance Amount which can be held in the account at any time
Total volume of the transactions is unlimited
$ 10,000.00 € 8,000.00 £ 7,500.00
Spend amount limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Load amount limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

* Currencies are converted at wholesale rate

** Load amount is unlimited but must not exceed maximum balance at any one time. For example, should you wish to purchase an amount of bitcoin that requires more than your maximum balance, you must perform multiple transactions.

Full price specification can be found in terms and conditions

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Register for your new Wirex Payment Card today

Register for your free Wirex account — a fully-featured mobile app, bitcoin wallet and payment card* combo for buying, saving, investing, transferring and spending your digital money anytime, anywhere. *Bitcoin balances must be converted to FIAT before being available for card payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What options are available for the Wirex card?

Virtual Visa cards available now in GBP. Additional currencies coming soon and Contactless plastic cards are entering the manufacturing process. Depending on your country, you can add funds by converting bitcoin into FIAT, from bank transfer, or using our digital currency exchange features inside the app. Use your Wirex payment card for in-store purchases, online shopping, and cash withdrawal at the ATM.

How long has Wirex been in business?

We began issuing cards in 2014. The company is registered in the UK with an office in London and Tokyo and we are growing fast with investment from SBI Group in Japan. Our goal is to make bitcoin simple for everyone.

What if I don’t have bitcoin yet?

You can buy bitcoins instantly online in your local currency or install the Wirex app and buy bitcoin with a variety of local payment options.

What kind of card is it exactly?

The Wirex card is a VISA debit card that draws money from your Wirex e-money licensed currency account. Wirex gives you the convenience of regular banking services, with the added benefits of modern cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.