Wirex is too good to keep to yourself. We think everybody deserves to benefit from the groundbreaking multicurrency Wirex card and futuristic rewards – which is why we give you up to $30 in NXUSD for every friend or family member you get to join Wirex.
Referring friends and getting paid for it is easy.
1. Click on ‘X-tras’ in the Wirex app, then ‘Invite Friends’
3. We’ll give you and the person you refer $30 in NXUSD once they deposit $200 of crypto into Wirex and keep it there for 30 days.
2. You’ll find a unique referral link that you can share with your contacts
4. You’ll earn an additional $50 NXUSD for every 5th successful referral


NXUSD is a stable coin issued by the Nereus Finance protocol - a Wirex partner, it available to buy, exchange and spend in the app. Earn and spend using the Wirex Card!

Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards?
Enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards

Earn up to 8% back in WXT on in-store purchases

Online Cryptoback™ rewards?
Online Cryptoback™ rewards

Earn up to 8% back in WXT on online purchases

NXUSD X-Accounts?
NXUSD X-Accounts

Up to 16% on the balance of your NXUSD account annually

Exclusive merchant offers?
Exclusive merchant offers

Deals and savings at your favourite shops, hotels and restaurants

Read about the game-changing multicurrency Wirex card in more detail on our Community Forum or Blog.
Want to know more?
You can find everything you need to know on the Help Centre.