How To Make A Wirex Web Page An Affiliate Link

  • Choose a desired page, e.g. home page.
  • Add the following string to the desired link: ?wx-ref-id={affiliate_id}, where {affiliate_id} is the unique code of the affiliate (e.g. GxFVNoixkycA7O4vFtJsQ)
  • Host the link or send the link to unregistered users.
  • Once the link is opened on a users desktop, the affiliate id will be recorded to the user’s local storage.
  • When the user goes to the registration page, the Wirex app will look for the stored affiliate id inside the local storage and attribute the user to the appropriate affiliate. Attribution occurs as soon as the account is created.

Some of our top engaging pages are 

Here’s how you can build your affiliate link

Use your affiliate link to get your affiliate ID.

Affiliate link:

Affiliate id: w_Pvc1J3JUaom6ILRFQmxQ

Pick up any page on Wirex and add in your affiliate ID. For example:

You would place the beginning of the url like so:

And you would follow that with: ?wx-ref-id=

Lastly, you place your affiliate ID at the end: w_Pvc1J3JUaom6ILRFQmxQ

At the end, your URL should look like this:


Please Note: This approach won’t work on mobile devices.