The next-gen
Wirex travelcard

Your multicurrency Wirex Visa card lets you pay internationally without exchange fees or hidden charges. Plus, it earns WXT rewards with every in-store purchase. It’s your money, take control.


Your travel companion

Spend like a local whatever your destination, with access to more than 150 currencies

Your travel companion

Avoid unnecessary bank charges and fees when abroad by paying in the local currency*

Your travel companion

No card fees, free international ATM withdrawals** and free, instant fiat-to-fiat exchange

Global spending

Use your Wirex Visa card at 54m+ outlets around the world, in-store, online or free international ATM withdrawals**

Smart rewards

Earn while you spend! Cryptoback™ gets you up to 2% back in WXT on all in-store purchases***

Instant alerts

Keep track of your spending and budget with instant in-app alerts for each of your accounts

Your personal security

Multi-signature, cold-storage cryptocurrency accounts protect your currency like a digital Fort Knox

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How much is the card?

The card and delivery are free of charge. Please check our fees and limits page for a full breakdown.

How do I fund my card?

Add funds to your Wirex account by credit card, debit card or crypto transfer.

Where can I use the card?

Anywhere Visa is accepted, at more than 54 million outlets and ATMs worldwide.

*Limited to select fiat currencies
**ATM transactions not available in Singapore
***Depending on the amount of WXT held