Hold Crypto, Get Credit

Need access to funds but don’t want to sell your bitcoin? Retain ownership of your tokens and free up much-needed funds, with no credit checks and no set up fees!

Instant Credit in one click

Use your crypto as collateral and take out a Wirex Credit line. It’s easy, secure and ready to spend straight away on your Wirex Card

Instant Credit in one click
Access extra funds without cashing in on your crypto

Access extra funds without cashing in on your crypto

Use your BTC or ETH as collateral to borrow NXUSD, USDC, USDT or DAI with 0% interest*

What happens next is up to you. Spend your stablecoins with your Wirex Card, stake them in a DeFi protocol like Nereus for high-yield earning or convert at OTC rates to other currencies

Fast, simple and secure

Select currency?
Select currency

Use your BTC and ETH as collateral to borrow

Get your credit?
Get your credit

Receive your stablecoins in second

Spend or Stake?
Spend or Stake

Spend using your Wirex Card or stake in Nereus

Repay at anytime?
Repay at anytime

Only pay interest on days live and retain ownership of your tokens

Flexible and affordable

Borrow up to 80% of the value of your collateral** and receive NXUSD, USDT, USDC or DAI in the Wirex app in a matter of seconds. There are absolutely no set up fees. Plus, you can repay whenever you like and only pay interest on the days when you have a live credit line

Flexible and affordable
Transparent and secure

Transparent and secure

As well as unparalleled flexibility, Wirex Credit was created with transparency and security at its core. Keep track of your LTV (loan-to-value ratio) with our in-app live loan health checker and get instant notifications if changes. Plus, enjoy valuable peace of mind - funds are protected by leading digital asset custody platform Fireblocks.

Retain ownership, maintain value

By using your tokens as collateral for a Wirex Credit line, you will retain ownership of your tokens AND free up much-needed funds. Win-win!

Retain ownership, maintain value

* 0% interest on credit lines in NXUSD, otherwise 2% APR

** 80% LTV available on NXUSD only, otherwise max 60%

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