I pay my way.
I pay with WXT.

Introducing the revolutionary Wirex token (WXT), a brand-new native cryptocurrency from the payment platform of the future. Enjoy heavily-reduced fees, exclusive merchant offers, super-charged rewards and more!

WXT Cryptocurrency Token - Wirex
WXT crypto Fee discount & enhanced rewards - wirex

Why WXT?

WXT is a universal fee and reward unit designed to help customers save on fees and access unique rewards:

  • Up to 100% discount on fees, including: exchange fees, bank transfer fees, withdrawal fees, credit/debit card top-up fees, monthly management fees, ATM fees and SWIFT charges *
  • Enhanced Cryptoback‌™: up to 1.5% in WXT every time you use your Wirex Visa card in-store *
  • Super-charged rewards, including:

    - Free access to Wirex Premium

    - Free Wirex Premium card

    - Exclusive merchant offers

    - Airport lounge access

    - Travel insurance

How do I buy WXT?

You can buy WXT through the Wirex app if you’re a verified customer. The OKEx, KuCoin and Huobi exchanges also currently support the purchase and sale of WXT.


Please note that if you bought any tokens during the pre-sale period (24-30 June 2019) these cannot be sold for six months after the date of purchase.


We’ve put together some FAQs with more information about WXT and our IEO, and you can learn more about our rationale and plans for WXT in the Wirex token whitepaper:  


Whitepaper (English)

Whitepaper (Chinese)

Whitepaper (Russian)

WXT Whitepaper - Wirex

*Discounted exchange fees, bank transfer fees, withdrawal fees, credit/debit card top-up fees apply from the day you receive your tokens. Monthly management fees, ATM fees and SWIFT transfer fees and enhanced Cryptoback ™ apply from September 2019. All other benefits coming soon.